Come! Journey with me through Lebanon and beyond

Unpacking the steps of expatriate life one blog at a time.

About Ruth:

A passionate nurse.  A fun loving and serious Mom of four BOYS.  A crazy wife of a pastor and adventurous man.  That is who I am.  My heart is for encouraging women in the journey.  Especially the woman who is serving beside her man.  I process by writing, thus the candid blog found on this site.  Empowering my hero’s (the lay medical workers serving around the globe) is also another passion of mine.  Giving hope to refugees is yet another passion. Ha ha!  Yes!!! I. AM. NEVER. BORED.  I live in Beirut, Lebanon with my husband. We have lived there now for now 2 & 1/2 years and before that we lived in Papua, Indonesia for eight amazing, stretching, and fulfilling years.  All the boys have flown from the nest, but still check in with modern technology.

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