Bugs in the Beans, Stolen Computer, Culture Shock

The last day of our istrihat (break) we went shopping.  Movies and music are incredibly affordable…..so we stocked up.  I also purchased a straight iron and so for the first time in 2 months I STYLED MY HAIR!  Arriving home around 2, Aubrey came to me and questioned, “Where is my computer?”  I replied, that I had not seen his computer and he should go look in his room and ask Hesley.  To which began the whole episode of “The stolen computer”.  To make the story short….our leaking toilets and water facets were being “fixed” by the “trusted” plumber and his assistant.  Apparently they left in a hurry when Hesley came in the afternoon and as was discovered later…..hid their tools under some weeds in the yard.  Bottom line, we don’t know for sure that they are guilty, but they would not answer their phones all evening and the hidden tools and …….  Yeah, the evidence is pretty stacked.  Aubrey’s attitude has been unreal.  He seems unruffled by this intrusion.  Even though he worked and saved for over a year for his computer.

So the police and security and FBI came.  Over 15 men were hanging out in the yard at one point in time.  Most smoking their cigarettes and “listening” and “talking”.  Darron had to go to the police station, along with Hesley for questioning.  They were not home until 9:30 p.m. yawn!  Darron said while they were there he overheard a 12 year old boy (who had been driving a motor cycle…quite common here) was approached by a man who wanted to “rent” his motor cycle for 1/2 an hour to go on a date.  He gave the boy the equivalent of $10 and was gone and never came back.
The police are quite concerned because there has been great activity of theft against the foreigners recently.  We are claiming that God will place a hedge of protection about us.

So today I awoke in full blooming culture shock.  It was not pretty! : )  BUT, I kept pressing forward and told the family what it was.  The boys all thought it was pretty funny and kept making jokes about it.  All I really wanted to do was just go curl up in a little corner somewhere and rock.  However, instead I cooked 3 meals, went to language school and received our test results….we all passed! : ).  Went grocery shopping.  Worked in the yard and played hide and seek ….by the time we had finished our outside time I was feeling much better.

I just finished putting some red kidney beans to soak for tomorrow.  I think over 40 little black bugs started crawling out of those beans.  So I tried to boil the beans and kill them…..but then I noticed all the holes in the beans and was worried that maybe more bugs were hiding in the beans.  For those of you who went to Osh Kosh with me, you know I hate to throw away food…..but this was just too much.  Out went those beans.  I put another bag of beans on too soak.  This one has only 10 little black bugs……  guess the ratio is better because we are going to make this bag work.  Or maybe I will go find a corner and curl up and let the guys figure out what’s for lunch……  Guess I better just press on and not let the family know what is really in their beans.  The toilets and sinks still leak.  Nobody said this was going to be easy…..  : ).

Glad tomorrow is a new day……………

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