Father’s Hands

My market man!  He sold me the “onion’s” in his hands for about .40 cents.  I put half of them in a vase and we are eating the rest! : )  Darron said, “I’m sorry those are your flowers”. ; )

My heart is so grateful that I don’t struggle with depression or culture shock for long periods of time.  I am so filled with compassion for people who struggle with these dark feelings for days on end.  I am back to my perky self and life in Indonesia seems sprinkled with joy and hope again.  I know that culture shock will return and the struggle to adapt is not over…..but for now I will rejoice in the emotional reprieve.

Thought I would share pictures from my favorite market.  It is close to our school.  The man is always so friendly and I like bargaining with him.  His prices are fair.  Typically the ladies squat while choosing their produce, bargaining and waiting for their items to be weighed.



By the way….no resolve to Aubrey’s stolen computer.  However, Aubrey remains at peace about it and I am believing there will be a blessing in disguise for him through this experience.  We are immersed in school again.  Just finished lesson 2 and I believe Darron said we have over 60 new words to learn!  Not sure why we signed up for the “intense” class…..thinking this should stave off Alzheimer’s for a few more years……

Thanks for your prayers.  They make a huge difference.  We know we are held in our Father’s hands.

Just tried Granola in the rice cooker! Bored taste buds push us to new experiments. : )  Scones are on the menu for the morning.  Wish you could pop over and I would share with you.  “Mampir” is to “drop in for a short while”.  The Indonesian culture is typical for people to drop in unannounced.  Looking forward to mampir”ing” with you all come next summer.  I’ll bake you some scones in your over……if you would like….
until next time, may you feel held in our Father’s hands.

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