Have You Seen My Toenails?

We landed in Indonesia two months ago today.  So at breakfast this morning I stated,  “Generally speaking, I think we are all doing quite well to say we have been here two months.”  Andrew, without skipping a beat declared with a hint of sarcasm, “Mom, how can you say that?  Have you seen my toenails recently?”  I know this may seem totally off the wall, but we all started dying laughing and all of us peered through the glass table to peek at Andrew’s toenails, which look pretty typical for an 11 year old. : )  There is strength in the humor of a family and the prayers!

So after great breakfast discussions…..it was off to school.  They are pouring on the homework and the boys are groaning quite loudly.  I’m proud of them for hanging in there with these college level classes.  Jacob and Nathaniel are starting to talk more and more Indonesian words.  It is hysterical listening to them play with Lego’s or Play Mobile, they are intertwining Indonesian culture and words in their role playing.
Today we grocery shopped.  Our grand purchases that delighted all was an electric bug zapper (like a tennis racket).  When you whack the bug it makes a great zapping noise and is quite addicting.  Also a hand crank blender.  So tonight we made fruit smoothies………..everyone wanted a turn cranking.  How long do you think that novelty will last?  I was THRILLED to find cilantro in the grocery store today.  A first!!!!  So we also made fresh salsa in the “blender”.

My house helper is in Jakarta this week, so I am back to mopping and scrubbing.  In many ways I like cleaning my house.  However, it is also very nice to have help.  We are also going to hire another student, Don, who will take care of our yard and teach the boys soccer skills (the Indonesia guys are incredibly nimble).

Fruit Flies and flies, good bye!





Our hand crank blender….



MMMMH…….Fresh Mangoes, bananas and water!


This little gecko is visiting for a while……these little guys can make  an incredible amount of noise.

It’s 8:10 p.m. and everybody else has already gone to bed.  I better follow as the Muslim call to prayer is our alarm clock at 4:15 a.m…..

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