Every weekend I have an incredible urge to head into the mountains.  Yesterday, Saturday, the guys headed off for a six mile hike without me because my stomach was not cooperating.  Even 6 year old Nathaniel goes and keeps up for the most part.  So today with my tummy back in order…..I was itching.

The tea bushes roll for thousands of acre’s.
Elijah found this beautiful moth.
Picnic time!

The Gallant family joined us and off we headed with a light lunch.  The sky’s were sunny, blue and temps in upper 70’s.  Once again the scenery proved to be indescribable.  The camera’s were with us….  Literally the mountains are within a 15 minute walk out of our neighborhood.  Today we hiked for about 3 hours.  Come and join us for a hike into the tea plantations!

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