Who is Blessed?

Sometimes it is difficult to blog.  Today everything here seems to pale in the light that a friend and fellow home school Mom in Chattanooga, only 35 and Mom of 5 girls, died.  The frailty of life leaves one realizing that each day is a miracle.  If only I lived each day that way.

Today, as 8 year old Jacob slipped some coins into a blind mans hand on a busy road I wondered who would be effected the most.  The man who had received the blessing?  Or my son, who touched humanity?  We receive  much praise for being here, but the truth is that the people here and the experience gives us way more than we can give.

Today, in class, we learned about a people group here in Indonesia that will not allow anyone into their area.  Not even the native locals.  Darron wrote down the name of that people group.  I told him not to get any idea’s!!!!  More reflection:  my friend Missy, whose husband is a deaf pastor in America, often said to me, “I think the deaf people will be one of the last people groups to be reached.”

We have hired Don, who is a student at the university here.  Don is struggling to make ends meet and not get totally discouraged.  Already we are so blessed by him, as he helps us with language and spends about an hour and a half with the boys “exercising” them!  I should have hired someone 10 years ago, to “exercise” my boys!!!!!! : )

When we arrived home today a young girl was up on the hill waving and waving to me.  The boys quickly pointed out, “Mom, there is your girl.”  Sure enough, she was the little girl that I saw the first time we walked to the waterfall.  She kept trying to make conversation from a distance.  I shouted to her in Bahasa Indonesia to wait a minute, while I ran in the house and grabbed her some candy and a little toy.  Then I ran up the hill.  We sat down together and just chatted away in Bahasa Indonesia to each other.  OK I struggle  to chat away and listen, but it was so special.  This little girl is so sweet and mild.  Her teeth are rotting and the lice are running through her hair. Yet, she longs to be friends.  Now she knows where I live, so I hope each day when she walks home from school that we can visit.  And who will be more blessed?  You got it, ME!

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