Hot Cinnamon Rolls, Chi Chi, and Fishing

Little did we know that the children would go fishing in Bandung.   However, one must cease the opportunities when they come.  So on Saturday morning when I could hear the younger boys up on the upper deck and saw a line bobbing up and down by our window…..I told Darron, “Let’s give them some fish”.  Out came the trick bag (Thanks Mom and Dad Ashworth) and the fishing began.  They caught American candies, small balloons and silly bands.  Nathaniel and Jacob were so excited.  They kept running downstairs to tell us what they had caught.  Every day, they ask if they can fish again…….  : )  The fish are limited.  So only a certain catch is allowed!

Daddy securing the fish.


All the boys have traditional Indonesian Batik’s  (shirts) now.  All, except Nathaniel….who is very opinionated  about clothes and is still holding onto his American shirt.

The little girl that I wrote about last time, showed up the next day.  Her shyness quickly disappeared and “Chi Chi” we discovered is extremely curious.  Peering in my cooking pots and wanting to taste different things.  Playing Lego’s with the younger guys.  Tried Andrew’s rip stick.  Thought “Talking Tom” on the Ipod was great and carried it around like a cell phone….talking away in Bahasa Indonesia.  The boys became unsure about this “girl” when she ran outside and went to the bathroom in the yard.  Also, she told us that she was going to stay until 5 p.m. (It was 1 p.m.).  After entertaining her for about 2 hours and treating her to some crackers for her family and a few little toys our “Don” helped let her know it was time to end the visit.  Being that we are only here for less than 2 more months, I will have to be careful on how close we get to Chi Chi.

Meet Chi Chi.



Chi Chi and me!

Enjoy some pictures of the hot cinnamon rolls.  Darron and I made a point to exercise today, as the weight we lost is quickly trying to sneak back as the yummy Rice cooker menu expands.

We are a week and a half away from test # 2.  We believe we will have enough time to finish the 3rd book before moving to Papua around the 20th of December. Little by little we are gaining more word power.  A smile works in any language and knocks down a multitude of suspicions.

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