Dripping Ice Cream Cones

After school today, the children were itching to go to McDonald’s for a treat.  We pass by two daily, and only your imagination could possibly dream how delightful this American symbol could look to some culture shocking boys.  So on a whim, we decided to go.  As we hopped out, I asked our faithful taxi driver if he would like an ice cream cone.  He replied, “Boleh!”  Meaning “I may”.

So as we ate our treats, Jacob ran the ice cream cone out to our waiting taxi driver.  Minutes later we were ready to go.  Surprised were we to see the taxi man’s ice cream not eaten, but sitting on the air conditioning vent trying to keep cool.  He told us that he would take it to his child.

So off we went through great swarms of cars and motor cycles all pushing and inching forward.  Meanwhile we watched the ice cream cone…..it was beginning to lean.  After 10 minutes the cone began to drip down the dash.  Quickly our taxi man pulled over to a little food stand and grabbed a small little plastic bag and slipped the cone into it.  Whew……we all let out a sigh to know it was safely contained.

At last we passed by where he had shown us the street where his house was.  We asked in Bahasa Indonesian why he was not stopping.  He said he would take us home first.  (At least a 30 if not 45 minute round trip).  We begged and pleaded with him, to stop now and take his son the ice cream cone.  At last he gave in to our request and turned around and drove to his house.

How fun to meet his son and wife.  I was so touched to see the love of this father to save his ice cream for his son…..despite the odds of delivering it.  Going to McDonald’s today proved to be a valuable lesson for us all to witness.  Worth the fat grams, I do believe!

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