Indonesian Safari

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We rented a vehicle with a driver for around $50 per day for 2 days and headed to Bogar, about a 3 hour drive from where we are currently staying.  To get into the Safari, it costs a mere $9.00 per person and included many shows and hours upon hours of animals to observe.  Zoo’s now seem a bit boring.  One could hold a tiger, dolphin, huge snakes, etc. for about $2-3.00 and take pictures all one desired. Carrots and banana’s were for sale to feed the animals.

Feeding the animals carrots from our car window was incredible.  I have never seen the window go up and down so fast as some of the huge horned animals approached our car.  Animal slobber was on the windows.  It was exhilarating!  We could touch these incredible creatures.  Hundreds of photo’s were shot……these are just a few of the best.  We will bore you with the rest on annual leave if you desire….: )  Better yet, come visit and we will go again to the Safari!

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