Indah (Beautiful) Indonesian Garden

The next day after the safari, we traveled about an hour over extremely poor roads to a beautiful garden.  The gardens were vast.  We did not even see half of the exhibits.  Some of the high lights were putting the boys in these big balls that were floating on about a foot of water.  They were like gerbils running around frantically.  Jacob was claustrophobic by the time his turn was over.  They were all sweating like crazy.

IMG_8860 IMG_8907IMG_8940IMG_8894 IMG_8846 IMG_8878

The two older Gallant children went with us.  I think all of the children would say that a highlight of the trip was running though the garden maze.  They had lot’s of freedom and we all had fun exploring God’s world.  We were refreshed by all we saw.  An expatriate perk!
IMG_8944 IMG_8840 IMG_8887 IMG_8857

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