A Glimpse of Papua

Papua and Bandung 045
In Jakarta and Bandung there have been these garbage piles.  Papua will prove to be no different.


Papua and Bandung 198
Lake Sentani is about 10-20 minutes drive away from where we will eventually live.
Papua and Bandung 138
Girls at church.
Papua and Bandung 152
Potluck on the floor.
Papua and Bandung 135
The following pictures are of the market.  Unfortunately the market burned down shortly after Darron’s visit to Papua.  So now these pictures are just history.
Papua and Bandung 050
Papua and Bandung 051
Fruit Bats for supper, anyone?
Papua and Bandung 100
This is how your produce is delivered to your car.  Customer service.
Papua and Bandung 065
Jan who has lived in Papua for over 20 years, loved this market and the people there.  Many lives were touched through her simple ministry to them.

Papua and Bandung 077 Papua and Bandung 054 Papua and Bandung 058

We move to Papua in about 5 weeks from now.  We are anxious to see where we will live and get acquainted with our new life.  The bricks are currently being made for our new home.  We should be able to move into it in about 8 months.  No Home Depot home orders there.  We are grateful to Jan and Bob Roberts who are overseeing our home being built and generally looking out for us as we will soon transition once again.  Perhaps one day Darron will write about his side of the story….but for now, this is just a glimpse of our life to come in Papua

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