Through My Kitchen Window

For days now I have been drinking in the scene out my kitchen window.  I have watched the garden transform from old plants, weeds and garbage to freshly hand plowed.  Then came the tiny seedlings of lettuce and broccoli.  They were planted in dry season.  So the farmers diligently watered with one hose, plant after plant….hour after hour.  As rainy season came, the plants flourished.  Especially after being fertilized.  While they grew and the rains came, we did not see the family of farmers much.  Then came time to harvest.  Over the past week, the family will come and pick the lettuce, wash it, drain it and then carefully bundle it in newspaper to go to the market.  This morning I had to catch images of beauty from this garden through my kitchen window.  I was tempted to ask if I could take their pictures while they worked, but I didn’t want them to pose or feel self conscience.  So thanks to Darron’s zoom lens…..I clicked away.
My view out the window.


This older man, hoed for over 4 hours this morning.


Washing the freshly harvested lettuce.  Normally this lady wears  a  Muslim headdress.


Shaking the water out of the lettuce.
Wrapping it all into bundles with newspaper.
Bagged and ready to transport via motor cycle to market.

Last week I talked with the farmers and purchased lettuce from them.  I think on this post it is appropriate to share a quote that left me pondering.  It was said by a recent Indonesian President, “If you want Christianity to stop spreading, give them a good life.”

Often Christ referenced gardens and harvests.  I love learning through the simple things in life.  May we all be faithful to do our part.  To plant seeds, to water……but ultimately in the end….the Lord will give the increase

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