Words, Words, Words….

We are 12 hours away from taking our third and final (language) test.  Only Darron and I will take this exam as one has to talk for 45 minutes in Bahasa Indonesia.  Aubrey and Andrew said that they have trouble enough talking in English for 45 minutes.  No mind a foreign language.  So we decided to let them off the hook.  No complaints have been uttered!

We all learn so different.  For me: I write words on signs and post them around the house.  Often I am so busy working that the words have to be easy for me to read on the fly.  They also get written on the back of my hand so that I can drill all day long.  Darron will drill for hours on his computer.  He needs silence.  I need music and people to talk with.  So different! : )  We have a great foundation now.  And we are having fun…..getting around the market and bargaining, asking directions, making conversation, etc.  The picture of the wall of words also shows the famous rice cooker that has baked: pies, bread, granola, cakes, soup and RICE!

Other than trying to input more words into our heads.  We did go to the very large market downtown Bandung.  I wish I could take my mother-in-law there….or anyone who loves to sew or loves fabrics.  The variety and abundance of fabrics makes Hancock’s or JoAnne’s seem dull, boring and lacking in variety and quantity.  Darron spotted a beaded fabric that is made from my favorite color.  It was purchased for approximately $10.00.  Then Hesley took me to a local tailor and the man took my measurements, drew a sketch of the dress, and three days later the dress was ready for another $10.00.  The man made it all on a very old fashioned basic machine.  I marvel at the skill with simple equipment.


We are very thankful for our time here.  The foundation for our language learning has been tremendous.  The friendships we have made have been priceless.  If only we could sleep with all the words we need to know under our pillows…..  until the next blog….. that’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

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