Darron and I were so relieved to be finished with our exam.  The teachers asked us many questions.  I’ll give you a sample of the questions I was asked:  How did you come to move to Indonesia?  (This question took me by surprise and I started crying while trying to explain how we felt God had asked us to come and that Darron was ready right away, but that it took me quite a few months to come to peace about it.)  Share a story about when you worked in the hospital.  If you had a patient that had a fever what would you do?  If my child had a fever what dosage of medicine would you give him/her?  If a patient was sick with “XXXXXXXXXXX” (I wasn’t sure what the disease was but took a guess that it was Dengue Fever) for many days, when would you advice him/her to go to the doctor?  Trying to answer these questions in bahasa Indonesia proved to be challenging.  But I did it!  And so did Darron with questions referring to his work, etc.


After our tests we went shopping by ourselves and ate at a lovely Australian Cafe.  Meanwhile the boys were happily being cared for by Don and Hesley.


Friday was celebrate with the family.  We met up with the Gallant family and ate out together.  At the Cafe, Hadassah (their 4 year old daughter) caught Jacob (8 years old) on the slide. She wants to marry him and feed him rotten eggs and fried tofu.  It has become quite a joke between the families much to Jacob’s dismay.  Then on to Ice Skating.  We were quite entertained by our friends that we took along who had never skated before!

IMG_9153 (640x427) IMG_9167 (427x640) IMG_9170 (427x640)     IMG_9188 (640x427)IMG_9189 (427x640)




IMG_9197 (640x427)IMG_9202 (640x427)


Later our school had a Christmas celebration.  Where most of the students participated with different stories or songs.  Also we shared in a meal together.  We will always be grateful for our time at this school.  Truly these teachers are dedicated and in the years they have been open have sent over 500 students out.  We rewrote the 12 days of Christmas song to what our teachers gave to us.  Mainly it was memories from class and stories and things we had talked about.  So for our memory sake I will jot those down:

1 Alphabet, 2 large pizza’s, 3 boiled rats, 4 large tasks, 5 tidak pintar kucings (not smart cats), 6 Vespa’s from Pak Frank, 7 boys from Jupiter, 8 wawancara (interviews), 9 cicaka goreng (fried gecko’s), 10 Adueh’s from Maria (an expression), 11 “didn’t spell that right”, 12 Princeton tests.  You can tell there are many stories behind this song! : )

IMG_9212 (427x640) IMG_9213 (427x640) IMG_9216 (640x427) IMG_9218 (427x640) IMG_9225 (640x427) IMG_9232 (427x640) IMG_9228 (640x427) IMG_9226 (640x427)

We move to Papua in 2 short days.  Many good byes to say, and little things to do.  We will fly all night….our flight leaving at 10:15 p.m. Monday night.  We will arrive in Papua at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Do you think we will be feeling quite perky?  Please pray that we will stay healthy during this next transition.  Hopefully it won’t be long until the next post.  As always…..thanks for reading!

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