While the Husband is Away (Part II)

So what do we do while Darron is away for long stents????  Stay busy, is the best thing I know to do! 

Every Fall, Jan Roberts hosts a concert made up of the great talent of our x-pat community and some of the talented Indonesians too.  Aubrey participated this year, playing his French Horn in a mini band and the songs were composed by his talented teacher Mr. Lott.  It was a great evening of fun with a down on the farm theme.  Immediately following the concert I went to the clinic with our Dr. Di (who is back from furlough, PTL) and we worked on a little girl who had been vomiting times 4 days.  In the end, a tube went down her nose.  Not fun.  At 10 p.m., I drove my sleepy family home.


Friends took the older boys wake boarding on Sunday and the younger boys went to play at a friends house.  So I had an afternoon to just be quiet.  It was wonderful to have the support of my friends and just be very still for a few hours.  When the dogs escaped out the gate later that afternoon and I had to go running in the rain to catch them…..I decided that I was ready to have all my boys back home again! : )

Monday was a day off school.  So we packed a lunch and headed to the beach with many more friends.  Great therapy.


We are reading together the book that Darron’s father finished in March 2013 of his childhood and young adulthood.  His story has all of us in awe.  We are learning things that we never knew.  Again, great therapy for our hearts that are missing this special man.


One of the puppies returned for a week of puppy sitting at our home.  It was fun to have a puppy with us……chewed on everything.  One day I found white fuzzy shards all over my bathroom rug.  I couldn’t figure out what it  was.  Later Jacob mentioned that there was a sad looking toilet brush in a different part of the house.  Not sure that was the best chewy toy!?!


School.  Soccer.  Drama practice.  An Indonesian worker needed stiches in his head.  Fortunately, Ben (R.N.) showed up 5 minutes after I did and took lead.  I just assisted…..but I think I am ready to do it for real next time. : )  As long as it is not a child and not…. and not…….yes, I have my list of criteria. (Just call me “chicken”).  Kind of thinking that the list is going to get chucked out the window one day and it will be a matter of needing to do it, not choosing or stepping aside.


Every high school class takes a week and serves a meal to approximately 180 people.  It is a fund raiser for their senior year class trip.  Aubrey’s class (2017) serves a lasagna meal.  4  of us mom’s prepare all the sauce (yes from scratch).  Then the kids all meet on a Thursday evening and assemble all (16 to 21) lasagna’s and then Friday they are heated and served during the games.  It is much work; however, it is a great opportunity to work together as a team and build unity and learn much.  This week we were scrambling a bit as our sponsor Mom was home with Dengue Fever.  Yikes!


Only 2 more days until Darron returns.  This is bittersweet to us, because he is home one and a half days and then has to leave again for an evangelistic meeting and will be gone for another 10+ days.  Sometimes I think, “Did I sign up for this?”  And then I refocus and know that God is providing above and beyond for the family and this grass widow just needs to stay busy and keep her heart in the right place, near to Christ.  So prayer appreciated while Darron is away.  Come mid December we are going to keep the Husband/Daddy here for at least 5 or 6 weeks before we let him go away again! ; )

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