The Journey Çontinues

Thanks for wanting to join me.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The photo was shot seconds before leaving to the airport from Papua to America and minutes after learning that I had been accepted into graduate school!  Just slightly excited!!!

As many of you know I have jumped feet first, or perhaps I have dove head first, into a Masters of Nursing Education program this summer.  To get my feet (and head) wet, it was decided that the best course for me to start with was: Technology in the classroom.  Honestly, I groaned inwardly when I heard the suggestion and thought, “I couldn’t be less interested in a topic than THIS!!!”  Ha ha.  Great start!  I am so non techie.  Surprisingly, I have enjoyed the world I have been submerged into, even though I am gasping for air in my struggle to learn about this topic that I have dodged my whole life.  The resources and tools that my eyes have been opened to has been phenomenal.  If a class can change someone in four short weeks, this one already has.

Take for instance this web page.  YEP.  It is one of the assignments.  Yet, it was something that one of my son’s suggested to me and I had been procrastinating about doing and avoiding it like a third world plague.

I had to create a video and that STRETCHED me to a very taunt place (nothing that a massage couldn’t undo).  You can find it on the malaria page.

One of my favorite projects was writing the story of why I am becoming a nurse educator in the Storybird website (a sweet resource for children/ and child-at-heart people).  I would love if you read that story here:

Truly, it is a journey of faith and a journey long expected and anticipated.  My heart is full at the hope of pursuing this goal.  I now know from my time in Papua that many yearn for further education, but simply cannot obtain it.  How blessed am I.  May the Lord use this step for the furthering of His heart.




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6 thoughts on “The Journey Çontinues

  1. You are amazing, Ruth! So happy you are beginning your master’s degree! Loved seeing you this week. Thank you for sharing your insights on life. Praying God continues to guide, advise, and protect you.


    1. Thank you Cherie. It was such a joy to see you this week Cherie. It was deep and rich and full! Thank you for trusting me again into your haven (we have a long history of this)!!!


  2. KathleenJanis-Penna June 30, 2018 — 11:47 am

    Hi Ma’am..
    Nice to hear and read from you..
    I am glad you are starting your master’s degree.
    Praying that God will bless everything you do for Him. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you. Warm regards for the boys and Pastor Darron.


    1. Thank you Kathleen! I often remember you. May you felt loved and led by the Lord….every day! Tuhan Memberkati.


  3. Excellent web, excellent thoughts, and excellent service you will help many women as they struggle to find their niche by this web! Great stretching!!!


    1. You are such a delightful cheer leader to us “girls”!!!! Thank-you. I had a lovely chat with Michelle last week. My kindred sister. Which must mean you are my kindred Mom.


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