Past Due

Often it is in the waiting that we discover what we are really longing for.

Often in the waiting there is an important work that is being done.

Often in the waiting there is purpose and refining.  It’s not easy, but the result is worth it.

I find God quite present in the waiting.  Sometimes my dissatisfaction keeps me from finding Him, but if I can set self aside….He is very present.


Darron has been past due home X 4 days now.  As Darron stated over the crackling radio this morning, “It’s one thing to know I was staying out for a specific length of time, but to have already wrapped my mind about being home sooner, makes the delay much more difficult.”  Exactly, the echo of my heart and thoughts.  The plane has been down for maintenance that is to go and pick him up.  Now the pilot is saying in three more days.  Mind you, this is NOT AAI’s plane.  Our planes are down also.  However, that is SOON to be reversed.  Almost a year of waiting for our planes to be up and flying again.  In this period of waiting has there been: LONGING?  IMPORTANT WORK? PURPOSE AND REFINING? GOD PRESENT?  The answer?  YES.


On Thursday evening in Hobotongo (where Darron is) there was very heavy rains.  It created a significant landslide.  Washing out the bridge that crosses a river of turmoil nature. Over forty families lost their fruit farms.  Lively hood washed away.  A significant loss in an extremely remote area.

Considering the difficulties that these families face makes Darron’s delay home seem insignificant.  Sure, he is past due.  Yes, I am tired of wearing my itchy grass widow skirt.  My super woman cape seems to have lost its super powers last night.  Yet in the waiting I find much.

A quote that has been rolling through my head all week from an inspiring preacher, Dr. Knight, “God didn’t ask us to carry a crown, but a cross.”  I have allowed that to seep deep into my heart because I want the crown NOW.  I don’t want to wait for it.  Oh, but in the waiting I find what my longing really is and there is such an important work being done and much purpose and refining is happening and finally God is very present.

Even so, come home Darron.  Come Jesus.  You are past due.

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1 thought on “Past Due

  1. This makes my heart ache! The waiting is so difficult, especially when you thought you only had to wait X amount of time. Expectations vs reality is a tough thing sometimes. Thank you for this strengthening reminder! Thank you for your sacrifices and for the refining through it all. Love you and praying for Darron’s safe and swift return.


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