Foreign Couple Seen Together after Seven and a Half Years

Sometimes life in third world pushes us to bumping the ceiling of stress a bit more frequently than if we lived in first world.  Also, there are certain things I do and don’t do and certain things Darron does and doesn’t do in Papua land.  For example, I always shop at the market and I don’t ever change tires.  On the other hand, Darron never shops at the market (with me, for food that we consume) but he always changes the tires (if he is in town).  I’m sure you can relate.

This past week had pushed me up against the ceiling a few too many times and “crunch” my low back spasmed in warning.  Sigh.  Not again?  Fortunately, it seems to be improving rapidly, and having done this in May….I now understand the power of the mind to not give in to such pain.  Yet still needing to be wise, I couldn’t handle going to the market and lifting heavy bags on my usual Wednesday a.m. run.  Nor Thursday.  Friday rolls around and there are only a few wilted carrots and over sized cucumbers in the fridge drawer.  Company coming for supper.  The market could be avoided no longer.  Darron noticing my impairment decides he will accompany me to the market.

Imagine all my market friends surprise to see my husband with me after seven and a half years of no man by my side.  No doubt heads were turning, as introductions were made and as we weaved down back alleys to get to my favorite stand.  There was my happy jack fruit selling lady, who cuts jack fruit from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. every day.  Always smiling and joyful.



There was the tangerine man who has thirty grandchildren and who delights in adding more tangerines to the bag.  There was the new tofu lady because the former one recently passed away despite her not yet reaching mid-life yet.  There was the man whose wife recently had a baby and I visited with them in their home several years ago.  So many friends in such rawness of business.

As we make our way to leave the pasar (market) my husband is dripping in sweat from head to toe.  I love that he stepped into my world for less than one hour.  A place I have come to love, especially once I get there.  It took seven and a half years for this foreign couple to be seen together at the pasar, the heart of Papua.  I hope he comes with me again real soon.  It is important to be intentional and step into each other’s world.


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