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I think all of us humans can recognize pivotal times in our lives.  Poignant moments.  These memories, of significant events, become part of the very thread and fiber of our stories.  Perhaps it’s childbirth, a death, a move, a break up, a conversation, a glimpse of God, and/or a piece of hope when we needed it the most.  Whatever the case, this situation will be referenced repeatedly in our stories, because it WAS and IS significant.  Welcome to the revealing of our most recent pivotal journey.  It all started with a name in a hat.

Yes.  It only takes the asking to put one’s name in the hat to turn familiar days into the unknown.  We honestly didn’t think much would come of it.   The request came out of the blue.  It was not sought after and not desired.  The timing was off by at least one-and-a-half years (according to my precise estimations).  The name in a hat roamed around in that state for the better part of two months.  Any person in pastoral ministry knows that this is an uncomfortable time where one is prone to feel unsure of how God is leading, and it stimulates much heart searching.  Eventually, the name in the hat led to a Zoom interview, which led to, “You are wanted and have been selected”, which led to a vision trip in January.

That vision trip was to Lebanon.    IMG_3877

During our time there it became very clear to us (Jacob 15 and Nathaniel 14 included) that God was calling us to leap from Papua, Indonesia to Lebanon.  Unbelievable, but true.

This summer we will be making the transition from a place that we love to a new place that we will come to love.  It has been an honor and joy to serve in Papua.  All six of the members of the Darron Boyd tribe are so grateful for the eight years that we have had in Papua.  We have learned deeply, and we have tried to serve the best that we could.  We leave behind many friends, tribes, visions, projects and dreams.  Yet, we cling to the hope that God cares more for Papua than we do and will provide.

Here is a link to a 1.37 minute film, that Andrew created, which captures the heart of what we learned and saw during our time in Papua:  What it Takes

We are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.  Especially the suffering of having to eat Mediterranean food every day (it is incredibly delicious).  Also, getting to culture shock again.  We are quite eager to do that once more.  The challenge of learning Arabic shouldn’t be too difficult.  Forgive the italicized sarcasm.

528914_10151510194224349_87984232_n        Our family three months prior to signing up for overseas work.  March 2011.

We are grateful that God desired to put our name in the hat, pull it out, and reveal it to us.  Truly this will become one of the richest fibers in our story.  Just as our time in Papua has impressible woven a strong traditional Papua Bark Nokin thread into our lives.  One that will never be removed, and nor would we ever want it to be.  We are so grateful what WAS and what IS and what IS TO COME.  Pivotal Moments.

This preciousness is in the bag!!!!
This preciousness is in the Papua Nokin bag!
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4 thoughts on “Name in a Hat

  1. I was so looking forward to meeting you when we get to Papua. We wish you the best on your new journey and look forward to watching the Lord’s plan continue to unfold for you.


    1. Awe Angie…..when do you arrive? I would love to meet you!!!!


  2. I spent a year at Middle East College when I was a student away back in 1975 – loved every minute of it! Wonderful culture and people. What will you be doing in Lebanon? May God continue to bless your family and “good luck” in learning Arabic!


    1. How fun. I didn’t realize that about you Mark. We will be living immediately outside of MEU and Darron will be in leadership in the field. I have no idea what I will be doing yet but suspect that there are great adventures to be had.


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