Mid Leap

Mid leap.  It’s an exhilarating, crazy, light, consuming, focused, fast place to be.

We left Papua at the end of May.  Sold and gave away most of our belongings.  Landed in America in early June.  Since then we have been reassembling the items that will make our house become a home in Lebanon. (Many people ask why we are purchasing furniture here?  It’s a great question.  The answer is, items are very expensive in Lebanon). Mingled with used furniture shopping has been sweet and treasured time with family and friends.  Coupled with a thousand other details slipped in-between moments, which always accompanies any major transition time.

The Lord has faithfully outgived any ounce of giving we ever gave.  One simple story of that is I felt impressed over a year ago to give one of my favorite kitchen tools away.  It is a hand crank shredder.  This is so handy for carrot salad and many other veggie options.  I knew the girl I was giving it to would be so blessed by it in a remote setting.  The other day I found one at a yard sale for $3.00.  These tools cost around $100.00 usually.9A7F6222-0965-48C3-9FB6-06C66889C978

Jacob and Nathaniel, who are leaping with us, seem as calm and collected about this move as only MK’s could.  I am humbled that God has granted them such peace and steadfastness as they leap in mid teen years.  They will home school this next year so that we can have the flexibility and honor of traveling with Darron.  Jacob and Nathaniel were thrilled to attend a three-week disciple trek program at their beloved summer camp.  This program did much to sharpen their faith and equip them for the unknown that lays ahead.

While we are in mid leap stage, we have been delighted that Aubrey and Andrew have come South for the summer with their jobs.  Positively, interjected throughout our time in the USA, these guys will pop in and out.  They are ALMOST as exhilarated, crazy, light, consumed, focused and fast paced as their parents and siblings.  We MUST be related!  It has been a pleasure to get to know their girls.

Darron is delighted in mid-leap stage.  Already the emails and work are pouring in, but he doesn’t mind.  This is his love and his passion.  He is anxious to end the leap and land.  Meanwhile, he keeps a hold of my hand to make sure I cross and make it to the other side this large chasm we are leaping.

Meanwhile Ruth (me) looks the least graceful mid-leap, despite her femininity.  She is struggling with leaving behind a part of her life that she loved and not having any clue what lies ahead.  Ruth is confident that many gorgeous things will happen once the leap is landed.  She knows her Father that well, and that He is a master at giving opportunities that delight His children’s hearts.  Ruth is very willing and even feels the same emotions of exhilaration, craziness, a lightness, a consuming focus, and the fast pace that she thrives in……but she is waiting to find the purpose.  It will come.  Are you ready to watch with her for it?  Meanwhile, there is faith.  There is also much to be thankful for.  Such as getting the boys for another year and good jobs and a nice place to live and yummy food to look forward to and amazing people to get to know and health and……so much.  Ever, ever so much to be thankful for.

There is also all of the following that comes with stepping outside of the comforts of home which include but are not limited to:  The privilege to serve.  The honor to go.  The courage to live outside of a box.  The joy of being chosen.  The opportunity to speak into the lives of others and to allow them to speak to us.  The power to touch what many will never even dream of touching.  To see history.  To walk where Biblical characters have walked.  To do what many only dream of doing.  To go places that we never imagined.  To allow those moments to change us.  To reflect and bring glory to the only One who deserves reflecting. It really is unbelievable.  Thanks for listening and watching and praying as we “Leap to Lebanon”.  I do believe your attentiveness is helping my leap turn from awkward to grace filled.

Here we continue to go…..just a few more weeks until we land….Meanwhile, we hope to catch a glimpse of many of you.

I am so grateful for a faithful friend who has prayed these verses over us the past few months:  I trust in you, O Lord, I say, ” You are my God.” My times are in your hands. Psalm 31:14-15       I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8


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1 thought on “Mid Leap

  1. Juanita Keeler July 10, 2019 — 9:08 pm

    So excited to get your update. You’ve been in my daily prayers. Love to travel vicariously they your adventures with God!


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