Nations Apart

Currently, I am cruising at 30,000 feet in the air somewhere between Colorado and Nashville. Much has happened since I last wrote. We were in the valley of indecision for months regarding if we should/could fly to the USA for an annual leave. More importantly, for our oldest son’s wedding. After much prayer and contemplation, we finally felt at peace to fly and purchased our tickets 1 ½ weeks prescheduled flight.

We chose to spend our first week in America in Walla Walla, Washington so that we could intentionally connect with our sons and their girls. We know that the wedding, though special, will not be time for quality conversations and peering into their lives. So, with 105+ degree weather we managed to create some fantastic memories just hanging out, in rivers, under windmills, on cliffs, in homes and eating fun food. We met the pets. We saw and heard about things that were important to our oldest sons and we simply were present, something that we do not take lightly living nations apart.

Aubrey has one year left of a mechanical engineering degree and Mia is already graduated with her B.S. degree in nursing.  Andrew is running through one door after another in his career as a film maker, along with juggling full-time school. Somehow, he makes time for his sweet girlfriend Meredith who is studying also and a successful song writer and performer.

We were graciously hosted by Jan (our former neighbor in Papua, Indonesia). She spoiled us with the freedom to come and go as desired and with breakfast’s (and more) that were plentiful and delicious as only Jan can do. She also gave us bowls full of peaches that were divine.


The count down to the wedding is on, as it will happen on the 28th of August in a mountain meadow in North Carolina. I am loving working with Mia on a few of the details.  It will be a small gathering as we wade through the most unusual year to get married. We decided to drop the reception due to pandemic complications. Many of you have asked if they are registered anywhere and I am happy to share that link here with you .  We are so sorry that we cannot all celebrate together.

In addition to a wedding we will also support Jacob and Nathaniel leaping from nest on August 9. They will be attending boarding school here in the USA. This has been a long thought out decision. Perhaps fast forwarded by our move to Lebanon, but not entirely as they had begun this idea pre-Middle East move. They are grateful for their year in Lebanon and have many rich experiences that will be an important part of their story.  I, their mother, am particularly grateful for this year with them. We spent hours together and it really was a gift in time that I will always cherish.

We are extraordinarily grateful to be traveling during this time and to be able to witness and help during some significant life changing events in our children’s lives. Please join us in praying for Aubrey and Mia as they begin their lives together. Also, for Jacob and Nathaniel as they transition from living overseas for the past 9 years, to school in the USA.


Darron and I plan to return to Lebanon (Inshallah- God willing) at the beginning of September. A new chapter for us, as we will go home, alone.

All those people were right, who told is, “enjoy your children, it will go by so fast”. So many spoke these prophetic words over us, that I knew they must be true. To think we have had children in our home for the last 22 years and soon to be only on occasion. All those people were right. Thank you for the warnings and reminders. I treasured every stage and I will choose to believe that the best is still ahead. Therefore, with open hands we release the treasures that were given to us for just a moment in time. May the Lord watch between us as we will soon be nations apart. I am ever grateful that I can trust His hands and His timing.

(This was written one day prior to the devastating explosion that happened in Beirut, Lebanon.  Though we are nations apart from Lebanon currently, our hearts are already bonded to this place that has only been our home for one year. Therefore our hearts mourn for this nation that just experienced a blow that they did not need. May good come from this turn of events.)

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12 thoughts on “Nations Apart

  1. Oh Ruth, as always your beautiful expressions from your heart in your blog are very touching and such a blessing to read. This one moved me to tears as I read about your mother feelings about the transitions your boys are making . It definitely takes time to get used to the empty nest when your children fledge it and although mine have never been too far away, I am sure since yours are going to be that it will make an even more impact on your emotions. Even though I know you mostly from your blog and Facebook and meeting you briefly in person twice, I believe that you have given your sons the gift of both strong roots and strong wings. May God richly bless them while they use those strong wings and you and Darren as you watch them soar.


    1. Thank you so much Valarie for your encouraging words!


  2. Ruth! I have been wondering if you would be able to attend Aubrey’s wedding. I’m so glad the Lord has allowed you this time in the States! My heart skipped a beat when I read that you would be leaving your “little” boys in the States. They are not so little anymore. Wow. A lot to process. Praying for you, my friend. I miss you. But am still so thankful that you are following the Lord deeper and deeper. Courage, Dear Heart.


    1. Thankyou Linda for your prayers and warm thoughts. Sorry that you heard my news hear and not in a personal email from me… Which I so owe you. Love you my friend. Prayers!!!!! I’ll write soon.

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  3. Your writing never disappoints! Wiping my eyes as usual.


    1. Awe my friend. Thank you. Hope to see your eyes soon.


  4. Congrats to Aubrey to Mia! Congrats to you, Mom and Dad…you did a fine job raising your boys. I feel your heart, Alex has flown the coop and living in Collegedale now, while Kaitlyn in finishing up her undergrad in Animal Science in December at UGA. I will admit, I am holding on a little tighter to the two that are still here, although I see it in their eyes that they are just as eager to follow their siblings into the world of independence. My prayers are with you all.


    1. Traci so nice to hear you here! Yes, loosing a few makes us hold tighter to the younger ones (and i’ll add, appreciate the speed of the remaining time together). courage as you press through this thing called motherhood.


  5. Ruth, holding you and your family in my heart. Love your eloquent blogs so clearly expressing every Mom’s heart and prayers including your own Mom. Blessings… Nancy


    1. Thankyou Nancy. It was so nice to get acquainted with you more on Wednesday. I appreciate your sincere interest and warmth.


  6. I live in the loveliness of The Valley with your parents. Your posts always remind me to continue to think more broadly and globally. Thanks for sharing the wonderful inspirations your family offers to those of us who are more sheltered. Sending you all good wishes for a beautiful wedding and the opportunity to be together as you set your young ones free to learn and to grow.
    Karen Johnson


    1. Thankyou Karen for your kind words. I love that my parents neighbors and friends are showing up here and being supportive and part of our cheering team. It is a privilege to serve, even though things that leaving children is quite stretching.


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