Giants to the snow

Yesterday we had the amazing privledge of hanging out with a new family that arrived in Beirut 4 months ago.

They sold most everything they had. Packed up a few suitcases of the essentials and moved in complete faith to Lebanon, to learn English and to obey a heart call.

No sponsorship. No guarantees of a future job. No house, car, insurance, family, friends, retirement plan or source of income.  Perhaps this would not seem so foolish to man IF they were moving to a “land of opportunity”, but currently, Lebanon does not even come close to that description.

And so, we shared a meal with these “giants of faith” outside, in the sunshine. We all know what a giant is, and faith is, but what about a giant of faith?  I think Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Rahab, David, Elijah, Noah, and Mary would all be described as giants of faith. Perhaps you can name some modern-day ones also.  Ordinary people who act with unordinary courage and obedience (that’s Ruth’s definition).

People think that Darron and I are amazing.  I laugh.  We have a home, a car, health insurance, a retirement plan, school bills paid for and a source of income. Our faith and obedience pales in comparison to our new friends.  I’m not saying that our “sacrifice” is not real or valid, but it is very humbling to be with those who sacrifice to the ultimate core of “security”.

During lunch our giant-faithed-friend’s-children admitted that they had not seen snow yet, and this was one of their biggest dreams.  Deciding to seize the moment and make dreams become reality, we quickly packed up our picnic lunch. Into the van we piled and to the mountains we climbed. In less than an hour and a half we reached the desired altitude and had the delightful honor of introducing this precious family to snow for their very first time.

The snowballs that flew, the snow angels that were made, the laughter that was had (especially every time the father fell through the ice and into the deep snow) was priceless. The red hews of the sun going down, peering through the pine trees was magical. The refreshment of pushing away from the burden of the city was welcomed. The gratitude that was expressed, would have made one think we had gifted them with a salary, and all its benefits. But no, we merely took the giants to the snow.

What a gift. To us. To hang out with a family of deep faith and calling. As much as they will never forget the first time their eyes saw the wonder of snow, my heart will not forget seeing the foolishness of such lavish faith walking in my midst. May you I be willing to walk in its footprints, that are left in the glistening snow. It will look different for each of us, but it will require unordinary courage and obedience.

”By faith…”, ”by faith”, ”by faith”….Hebrews 11…..”of whom the world was not worthy” (verse 38)….

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1 thought on “Giants to the snow

  1. Wow. Ok. Next time I’m tempted to grumble that I don’t have my own home to settle into yet, Holy Spirit remind me of these giants of faith. Praying Your abundant blessings and provision on them now, Papa.

    Blessings, Tammy



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