Reflected Imperfectly

It’s Valentine’s Day and my husband has flown away to another Middle Eastern country. Strategically, before he left, I asked if we could stop at the flower shop and buy some flowers. See, I had already decided that if for some reason Darron didn’t get me flowers before he left, that I would just go and get my own, but that seemed even more selfish than asking for some. He willingly obliged. What else could he do? (giggle) This is love, 25 years in. It is not perfect. But the love that I have discovered in and through Darron must be proclaimed loudly. Lest you think I am going to speak more about the love in our marriage, that is not going to be the focus. Rather as my husband is supposed to mirror the love of God…it is in this imperfect reflection that I have learned so much more about God.  I will share 5 of the most precious glimpses of God that I have seen.  There are many more, 5 will be enough for this Valentine’s Day…

#1. Darron pursues people. He especially pursued me. I remember when I first caught his eye. I had no doubt of Darron’s intentions from our first date on. He. Wanted. Me. Darron is the same way when it comes to his desire to helping others know God. Like, he will tromp through jungles for weeks and travel through countries that just the name of them, will make others tremble, for this purpose. Darron models an imperfect mirror of God pursuing people. It takes my breath away when I reflect on how much God positions Himself and invests Himself and His legions of angels to pursue humanity, perfectly.

#2. Let’s be honest. Being married to a woman is like having to solve a new mystery every few days. Ha-ha. We can change our minds. We can be hormonal. Take for example the topic of flowers for Valentine’s Day.  I have told my husband for YEARS that Valentine’s Day does not matter to me. Which is true. The part I have failed to articulate and add to that statement is: “if the romance and flowers are coming throughout the rest of the year”.  So, if they are not and the big hint of Valentine’s Day comes and goes and there are still no flowers…cough, cough, cough…my feathers can get a little ruffled.  Mysterious? Perhaps a better word is, Difficult?  Whatever the word be, I appreciate that Darron works hard to understand the mystery of being married to me. I wept one morning when I realized that God fully understands my mystery. Nothing about me, surprises Him. And ladies, we can rest 100% in His love of us and our mystery.

#3. Darron is invested in the details of my life. He willingly supports many of my crazy ideas: like starting an NGO in Lebanon (a little shout out to: How much more, is God invested in the details of my life. They were fashioned while I was still in the womb, being knit together by Him. My name is inscribed on His palm and my walls are before Him. He knows the number of hairs on my head. Darron can’t keep up with the hairs on my head, to many fall out each day.

#4. While he may not advertise this, Darron is willing to suffer. Even at his work there is often no electricity for hours a day, meaning he is working in a cold, damp building. Darron’s grit and determination is something I really admire. The mirror image, that I only comprehend hazily, is God willing to suffer. Oh, the vastness of His love for humanity is unmatchable and unmeasurable. This point caused me to weep as I wrote it down a few mornings ago.

#5. Darron delights in the simple things in life. A talk with his boys. A walk with me. A bird. A glass of fresh squeezed orange/carrot juice (out latest evening habit). A jog by the sea. While I can’t be 100% sure of this reflection, I think that God delights in simple things also. Like the love and trust of a child.

This activity I do daily. I have done it for 2 years now.  I have pages and pages of notes on the character of God reflected imperfectly through my husband. It has not only turned my heart more towards God, but it has also allowed me to shift my gaze from the imperfections in my dear man and see the fullness and richness of his goodness and his amazing love towards me.  It is my prayer that there be something in this post that you can take and will bless your life, as it has mine.  As always, thanks for reading and praying.

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3 thoughts on “Reflected Imperfectly

  1. Beautifully done! A new way to see love explained. Hope you had a marvelous bunch of flowers


    1. Thank you Bobbi. Always nice to “see” you here. Yes, the flowers were amazing. I need to add a picture of them to this post. I am so spoiled. Hope your heart is being ministered to by the ONE who loves you most.


  2. Feel blessed reading the glimpses of God and the love stories in your marriage. Keep being empowered by Him and empowering others. Miss you ma’am Ruth.❤🙏🏻


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