2 Husbands and 1 pair of Shoes Update

I just wanted to give a quick update to the last blog I wrote and the responses I received.

Thank you. Thank you for trusting me with your gifts and money.

I was able to bring back lovely gifts for all my refugee workers from your generosity. My oldest worker was delighted with her Clark shoes (and they fit perfectly). Her daughter commented that when she used to travel to England to study (before the war) that she would buy Clark shoes for her Mom and Dad.

The glucose monitor is an amazing gift for my diabetic worker. I went to her home yesterday and taught her how to use it. Not surpirsingly her sugar was 376. I told her to start checking her blood sugar levels 3-4 times a day. She is scared to use the test strips too fast. Sigh…. life is so challenging here for most.

The sunglasses and watches were received with great joy, along with the toys. And the money… I am using it to give bonuses. Desperately needed bonuses. As prices soar and the Lebanese pound weakens my people so need this help.

So thank you again. I can’t tell who purchased what, but I wanted you to know that your gifts did much to encourage hearts, along with mine. And even though I didn’t bring back 2 husbands, I did come back with 1 pair of shoes (and more). I also came back with the hope that Woven Dignity will continue on…. more on that in the next blog!

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1 thought on “2 Husbands and 1 pair of Shoes Update

  1. Ruth, sounds like the Lord is doing amazing things. Thank you for helping the refugees, Ruth. It is a beautiful thing. I miss you but I’m so glad you have followed the Lord on this amazing journey of faith. Love you.


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