Angel in Egypt

Do angels plan what they are going to wear?  I believe that “my angel” was dressed in ordinary street clothes, blue jeans, and a tee-shirt, and slightly dirty if I recall correctly. A typical Middle Eastern man with a beard and he was roughly 20+ kg overweight. Do angels plan what questions they will ask to make you not suspicious that they are an angel, until they leave your presence?   I’m not sure, but my angel in Egypt kept asking where I was from in America…in a typical I don’t know much English so I will talk about this one topic. I have many more questions about angels, like how do they get assigned to help us and who decides when they can reveal themselves in part? 

But I am boring you with my ponderings…there is a story to be told.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to be in Egypt. I was attending a training for Youth and how multi-generational mentorship is powerful and proven to help teens be more resilient in resisting addictive behaviors. On either side of the training a dear friend (Sara) and I had left a day of wiggle room to do some sightseeing. The amazing pyramids were taken in as the sun set and a cool dessert breeze was so refreshing. The market was like none other for the persistent Egyptian men and their desire to sell their goods. The museum was remarkable with unbelievable preserved treasures out of the tombs of Kings and Pharaohs. And the mangoes were like eating guilt free candy, infused with extra goodness.

On our last day in Egypt, I needed to go to a hospital in Cairo to see if a medical treatment and medication were possible to obtain there for a situation that is no longer able to be treated in Lebanon due to a lack of ability to access the needed medicines. I had been praying about this important errand because I knew that it would take divine intervention for me to be able to talk to a doctor to find out if a treatment option could happen. I mean where in the world can you go to a large hospital/clinic and talk with a doctor without an appointment?  The reality was this all needed to happen in a 30-minute window, because the other hour and a half was used in my Uber rides. Then, it would be time to go to the airport. Mission impossible.

I arrived at the hospital/clinic. It was a very third world, government like setting, with long benches everywhere and no first impressions anywhere.  The first step was to pay 20 Egyptian pounds (just over 1 dollar) to receive a slip of paper that would act as a ticket to see a doctor. There was a line of 6 or 7 women and one man (he was at the front of the line). Almost immediately he noticed me and asked me in broken English why I was there, what I needed and where I was from.  Once he knew my need to speak with a doctor, he began asking the harried receptionist for an appointment for me. Having a man speak on your behalf in the Middle East is extremely important. The receptionist took one look at me and the line of waiting people and was additionally irritated by this new situation of a foreign woman skipping line. The man told me to wait, and I scooted politely to the back of the line.  2 minutes later he urged me to join him at the front of the line and spoke to the lady again, this time she asked to see my passport and had me pay my money and the slip was procured. Unbelievable.  I am 5 minutes into this 30-minute race against time, I am feeling hopeful with this helpful stranger.

Next, he urged me to follow him and began leading me through the hospital. I thanked him for his help. I had no idea where to go. The entire time he keeps asking me repeatedly in limited English, where I am from.  “I am from America, but I live in Lebanon.” “Oh, America. Where? Where in America”. “Tennessee”.  “Oh Ten-ne-see”. I ask him as we pass by rows of benches and waiting people…” Have you been to America before?” He didn’t understand my question or at least chose to ignore it (perhaps we shouldn’t ask angels to many details….).

Soon we are in front of a “clinic room” with two makeshift curtains for privacy and dilapidated chairs for comfort. A woman sat at the door.  She was the gatekeeper and told people when it was their turn.  A long daunting line of about 20 Moms and children were waiting on the benches for their turn.

The man spoke to the gatekeeper. In Arabic, her intonations and jesters clearly implied I would need to wait. He told me where to sit on a bench and I did what he said. He left and meanwhile patient after patient went in and out of those clinic room. After about 10 minutes, I recognized that unless something happened, I would not make my goal. I arose and went to stand by the gatekeeper.  At this time the man reappears and talks to the lady on my behalf – in Arabic – I have no idea what he said. He told me to wait there. I thanked him casually. As I waited and smiled, I noticed that he was now engaged in a very animated discussion with a guard.  It was undoubtedly a discussion about me.  I marveled that this man was fighting/defending me. I wondered why? I guess angels do this…

5 minutes later the gatekeeper allows me to enter. Incredible. I speak with the doctor. She answers my questions with clarity. I thank her. I thank the gatekeeper. I look for the man to really thank him. He is no where to be seen. It was at this point that I began to realize that this man was not ordinary.

I climb into an Uber and meander through downtown Cairo streets towards where Sara is so we can head to the airport. Sara had stayed behind doing extra helpful errands, for others, so that we could leave on time. I was exhilarated that my trip to the hospital had been so successful. I was deeply moved that an angel had helped me navigate a situation beyond my knowledge, language, and time frame. If only I had known, I would have asked him repeatedly where he was from and what it was like there.

I think sometimes we don’t even attempt to seek out or follow up on things because the task seems to daunting or overwhelming, perhaps impossible from human standards. But I want to encourage you, that in your “missions” you are not alone. And God is not limited by your circumstances. He wants to help and move His mighty arm on your behalf. Go in His strength and may angels unaware accompany you.

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7 thoughts on “Angel in Egypt

  1. Sandra Ashworth August 26, 2022 — 3:13 pm

    Thanks Ruth…such a great story…and we should always be on the lookout for those angels who show up in our day to day life!


    1. Indeed! 💕 So glad I get to tell you most of my stories “live”. My great listener Mom.🥰🌷


  2. Absolutely thrilling and beautiful experience…thank you for sharing❣️


    1. Thank you so much for faithfully reading and following along. Blessings. So glad I got to see you at the tea house this summer.


  3. Ruth,
    You have me in tears once again. Throughout my life, I’ve been guided by angels and sadly you never know until after the fact. The anonymity doesn’t make their presence less real. For me it makes it entirely explainable – what angel has the time to talk about who they are, they are far too busy.


    1. Ahh Carol, I would love to hear some of your stories. Thank you for taking the time to read mine and for sharing a little piece of your heart. Sweet Blessings and more angel encounters wished for you.


  4. Amen, what an amazing story.
    Thanks for sharing.


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