Facing Malaria

Traveling to a third world country where malaria is present can be daunting.  Whether you intend to come for a two week vacation or short term trip or whether you plan to move to Papua, Indonesia for many years this short video should begin to answer some of your questions regarding malaria.

Perhaps the video raised a million more questions?!?!  To which I want to encourage you to either go to you doctor and ask or you can write me and I will do my best to answer your questions or point you in the direction you should go.

By no means are the things I talked about the only options or solutions.  Many people ask if natural supplements will work to prevent malaria?  You will discover that the Indonesian people themselves often use natural remedies to prevent and  “cure” malaria.  As with all things, use wisdom and make sure your resources are reliable and well researched.

Attached are two more documents that have much more detailed information regarding malaria prevention, prophylaxis and treatment specific to Papua, Indonesia.

Malaria Prevention and Prophylaxis May 2018

Malaria symp and Trt. revised May 2018

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