Self Teaching module on Living Well in Papua

This self teaching module covers the following topics:  clean water, clean veggies and fruits, navigating the local medical system in Papua, and ant plus roach control.

In order to run this self teaching power point presentation:  open it and then click on ribbon to “start slide show”.  Enjoy.!AkxejmvwpgTZiz1XHZWhg7NZryx8

An update is an expat just recommend this as a water filter option:  “the Black Berkey water filters ( are by far the best filters available in the U.S. No other ceramic candlestick filter can remove viruses but the Berkey filters can, using proprietary technology. They are expensive ($107/pair) but last for 6000 gallons.”


This preciousness is in the bag!!!!
This preciousness is in the bag!
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