This Would Not be Allowed

At 9 a.m. we headed off in a taxi to go see an active volcano about 1 hour from here.  We did not know that we needed to take our “papers”.  So because we are obviously foreigners and our papers were at home we were privileged to pay the foreigner price of 50,000 rupiah each verses 14,000 rupiah.  Now we know…..
But it was so worth it!!!!

This volcano is called “the upside down boat”.


We have 2 faithful drivers, this is Osid.


Some of our rock samples….Mathew L we were thinking about you!



Feeling the hot sulfur…..


“Look Mom this is dried lava.”

Not only did we have great visibility of the volcano but we were able to climb all over a rugged ridge down into the next valley where the volcano was inactive.  However,  if one digs down just below the loose rubble surface there is sulfur that if you put your hand up too felt hot.  We were able to collect all the samples of different rocks and petrified tree’s, etc that we wanted.  The whole time we were climbing all over this place I kept thinking, “this would not be allowed in America”.  The boys thought it was incredible.  Talk about a field trip!!!!  Hello home schooling…… and tramping around the world with kids.  What an education…..

Nathaniel “posing”.

Then we went on to the hot springs.  Fortunately, they did not do the whole paper/foreigner trick to us and we were able to enter for under 100,000 rupiah (under 10 dollars) for the family.  The hot springs were “hot” and everyone enjoyed a great swim and climbing and exploring it all.  This was a great discovery.  The boys are all ready to go back.

Relaxing fun….
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