Bed Bug Awakening

Can you imagine having bed bugs?  I can’t either.

But the truth is: We. Do.  Well actually I haven’t seen any evidence of them now in two weeks since my last OCD cleaning rampage against this latest invasion.  Yet I have read that they can live in tiny cracks and go a full year without a meal.  Ugh.  It makes me itch just writing that.  So I have to assume that we STILL have bed bugs.

There is a shame that comes with bed bugs.  I don’t really want people to know.  Something is compelling me to be transparent about this.

I don’t know where they came from?  I can only conclude they came from one of my husband’s mountain treks into a remote Papua village.  Remember when he had to borrow the dirty sleeping bag?  Or perhaps it was from that cheaper motel we stayed at in Singapore.  So much for saving a few dollars.  Who knows?  The reality is whether rich or poor, the bed bugs show no preference, and this is becoming a first world problem.

What kills bed bugs?  HEAT.  Guess where it gets REALLY hot?  Not in my dryer.  I don’t own one.  Not in my washing machine.  It only runs cold water.  In my car.  It gets really HOT in my car.  In the sun.  In the tropical sun.  YES!!!!  Thank you, Lord, for this giant heating machine that you have given me.

A note of humor about bed bugs.  For years my four boys have sung the bed bug song in gorgeous harmony.  “I woke up Sunday morning, bed bugs on the wall, the Sitters and the Bed Bugs were playing a game of ball……”  They sang it on the way to school.  They sang it in the bathroom, getting ready for school.  That is what they sung the morning the bed bugs were discovered.  I’ll.  Always.  Remember. That.

A note of seriousness about bed bugs:  My husband said maybe the bed bugs were being used to awaken me from my comfortableness?  Ugh.  I think it is true.  Couldn’t I have been awakened another way?

One year, shortly before our return to the USA on a short furlough, one of my nephews asked his Mom if we were carrying back any contagious diseases?  I have chuckled about that ever since.  I mean it’s possible that we could be carriers of: TB, scabies, intestinal parasites, and more.  Hey Nephew, do you want me to bring back some bed bugs???!!?   Add to the check list of things to do preparing for furlough:  put all baggage in pipping hot van for as long as possible.  While you are at it, put all clothes that you are taking back in there also.  And for good measure put your own bodies and kids in there also so the relatives will have nothing to fear.  It’s Ok, if you almost pass out from heat exhaustion. Just keep the nephews happy.

The guys, living at home still, think I am a bit radical in my desire to be rid of these insects that feed on humans at night.  I’ve tried to convince them that my behavior is quite normal for the female race.  They are not believing that line.  One day they will thank me, when they can sleep with bites no more.

As always, you are welcome to come and visit anytime.  I’ll put freshly washed sheets (van heated) on your bed.  Have no fear, Ruth is here.  She is fighting hard, the bed bug war.  She has been awakened from her slumber of contentedness.  She declares, “Oh Lord, use this for your purpose in me.”


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