A Taxi in Disguise

Yesterday (Friday) I decided to face my fears.  Off I went to the market on my own.  I have always used the excuse that I needed help carrying all the produce home, so always a boy or Darron has accompanied me.  However, now I have a big cloth bag….so it made carrying bananas, melons, mangoes and veggies easier.  I felt liberated.
Then it was decided that I would go to the school to get all of our test results.  I would have gone on my own, but I needed help afterwards with grocery bags and trying to catch a taxi or angkot.  Darron would stay home with the boys as Andrew was still very weak from being sick all Wednesday night.  So Aubrey and I set off.
We all passed our test.  Aubrey in the lead with a strong A.  The rest of us following behind with a B.

After shopping for groceries, we went to an outlet store where Ann Taylor, Gap, Esprit, and many other brand name clothes are for sale.  I had been wanting to go there for weeks, so I was just drinking in the shopping reprieve.  Out of no where, I began to get a headache and quickly began to feel worse and worse.  I found Aubrey, made our purchases and stated we better hurry home.

So outside the store on the main street we sat on a wall trying to catch a taxi.  I so did not want to ride on an angkot with 15 + people.  Taxi after taxi zipped passed us, all full.  As my stomach let me know that I did not have long, I sent up a desperate prayer…”Lord, please send a taxi.”  After 20 minutes, when no available taxi arrived we decided to get on an angkot.  At least it was heading toward home.

In order to ride on the angkots, certain colors and names go to certain stations.  We would need to change angkots half way home.  I was dreading the last angkot home because they always fill it with 20 + people.  “Dear Lord, please provide a taxi at the next station….”

As the angkot approached the station, only Aubrey and I were left riding,  the driver asked where we were going and offered to take us all the way home.  I don’t know if an angel whispered this in his ear, or if I looked so pitiful that he knew something was wrong….but we have never been offered this before.  The price was about a dollar more than if I had caught a taxi, but I so didn’t care.  I opened the window and drank in the cool air and rejoiced that we were going home in our own personal broken down angkot.
15 steps from getting off the angkot my sickness began.  Upon arriving home, I found Nathaniel quite poorly.  Within hours, Darron, Jacob and then Aubrey joined in our misery.  But all night long, I rejoiced about my taxi in disguise.  God did not answer my prayer the way I had asked…….but He did answer.  Faithful is He to care for His children.

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